Meet Paula.

Throughout my long career in education, as a teacher and Headteacher, what I enjoyed doing most was finding the key to unlocking the blocks that were preventing students from learning at their best. I was innovative and creative, constantly searching for alternative ways to help students who were facing challenges.

My mission was always to help students (and staff!) uncover their unique gifts and talents, find their passion and develop skills to be the best they could be.

I have always been committed to working ‘at the chalk face’ – often in very challenging schools. My proudest achievements have been successfully turning round two schools judged to be ‘failing’. OFSTED inspectors praised me for my ‘outstanding visionary leadership’.

Throughout my life, I have never stopped improving my own skills and knowledge and continue to do so in my ‘retirement’.

Working with me.

As a Jumpstarting Learning™ Skills Master Trainer, I will use the Jumpstarting Processes to help overcome spelling and reading difficulties.

As a Neuro-lingustic Programming (NLP) Trainer, Master Practitioner and Accredited Master Coach, I will use a combination of NLP and Solution Focused Brief Therapy techniques to help you overcome any anxieties, fears, limiting beliefs etc. that are preventing you from achieving your potential. I will help you change your perceptions and take control of your thoughts and feelings so that you can break unwanted habits and experience life the way you want.

I can help with:

Learning to Spell
Learning to Read
Understanding and remembering what you have read
More Advanced Writing Skills
Exam Stress
Study Skills
Time Management
Organisational Skills
Focus and Concentration

You can now benefit from our online course!

Learn how to become your child’s best learning coach for reading, spelling and handwriting.

I also work directly with schools!

I provide services directly to schools including training and consultancy. For more information on this, contact me directly.

Success Stories.

I have helped children with a range of abilities using the Jumpstarting Literacy and Numeracy™ method.

Below are just a few examples of the kind of results that can be achieved.

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