14 year-old girl overcomes spelling and anxiety issues in just one session!


A was being held back from succeeding in her favourite subjects of English and drama because of her difficulties with spelling. Her confidence had suffered and although she was working incredibly hard, she wasn’t achieving what she knew she could.

To overcome the root of the problem which was poor spelling. A is very visual – she is a talented artist and could recall a great amount of detail from books she had read and movies she had seen. Unfortunately, she hadn’t been taught how to use her mental imagery for spelling and could not ‘see’ letters at all in her mind’s eye.

  • Use A’s natural strength in visualisation and teach her the Jumpstarting™ Process for Spelling.
  • Teach A the Grounding technique to help with anxiety.
  • Help A to understand that there was nothing ‘wrong’ with her ability to learn.

A has never looked back form that first session and is now doing English and drama at ‘A’ Level.

Mother writes:

“We are still reeling from the dramatic improvement in F’s spelling skills! We are so grateful to you for unblocking this learning gap. F is very happy and relieved to have an approach that works. She loved working with you and wants all her teachers to be like you! She has used the technique on her French and religious studies too”

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