18 year-old girl finding her ‘A’ Level Course a real challenge.


B was finding her ‘A’ level course a real challenge. Dyslexia isn’t only about reading and spelling difficulties, there are other challenges at school too such as organising work and revision timetables, keeping a clear mind, maintaining focus and of course, there is the lack of confidence and self-esteem that comes with years of struggling in class.

B was finding it hard to read and remember what she was studying. She is a conscientious student and was spending many hours on her revision – far longer than her peers. Even so, she was not able to recall what she was trying to learn.

B and I had three sessions using a range of coaching techniques to bring about the change.

B says:

“Mrs Montie’s techniques have greatly helped me to start developing strategies for dealing with my recently diagnosed dyslexia. Of particular help to me are the techniques for clearing a fuzzy mind, grounding and replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

Whenever I find myself struggling to concentrate I use one of the techniques to help me to refocus my thoughts and to be able to take in more information from lessons and homework.

In lessons and during exams, if I need to bring myself back to the particular subject, I use the grounding technique to replace negative with positive energy and give myself a stronger, but calmer foundation to work from.

These methods of improving focus and clarity of thought have helped me greatly to improve my performance during A level studies and I am hoping they will help when I take my exams.

I hope you can find a use for this text to show that even an 18 year-old A-level students can benefit.

Thanks again. (B aged 18)

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